Friday, December 29, 2006

Picture it solved!

It's obvious once you think of it.

If you can clearly envision the end result, you're likely to achieve it. And conversely, without a clear goal, it's hard to recognize success.

Architects, engineers, and designers have applied this principle for years. Everyone can benefit from applying it in their lives and work. And now, with relatively inexpensive, high quality, graphical computers, software, and associated technologies, many people have access to amazing tools for visual communication, for envisioning and achieving important and meaningful results.

Learning aspects of the language of visual communication over the past 6-7 years has enabled me to: learn more and retain it better; see situations more clearly; understand problems, their causes and solutions; express myself better; and redirect the course of my life; improving my performance at work, and my life overall.

This blog and my website are my first steps in sharing what I have learned, to enable others to also "picture it solved!"