Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Visual deception 2: 3 colors appear as 2

The second color deception exercise in the Albers/Nelson curriculum is to make 3 colors appear as 2. In this case, there are two ground colors, and the figure color is chosen such that on each ground, it appears to be the same color as the opposite ground. That's pretty abstract - here's what it looks like:

And here's the proof that the two figure colors are the same, and different from the two grounds:

Again, the grays were taken from my array in this post.

For this deception to work, the ground colors need to be closely related, and the figure color must be right in between them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I was in the class last January and am happy to see your posts about this year's class. If you were in the same class last year, aloha! and I hope this finds you having a good time being the assistant. I have a Mac now so hope to take Dick's class again sometime (without being the PC oddball). Bev L.

IdeaMapper said...

Hi Bev, nice to hear from you! Give me a call if I can help with any Mac questions. I hope you're getting time to be creative! I am enjoying the class.