Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cool tool

Today I discovered a new free tool that I think will be very helpful. It's called Jing, and you can use it to capture, annotate, and share screen shots, and make short videos of your screen. I captured the image above from their website, and added their tag line, "Visual conversation starts here", in the blue annotations. The intuitive interface lets you highlight or frame areas in the image, and use arrows to point to areas of interest. You control the colors, fonts, and sizes.

Here's a 34-second screen capture video:


Gabe said...

That was excellent Karen. The quality is great... does it have audio? how did you host the video? Guess i'll have to give this a shot. Nice work.

IdeaMapper said...

Thanks, Gabe! You CAN record audio but I haven't played with that yet. It's automatically hosted on, or you can set it up to go somewhere else if you prefer. You can send the static shots to Flickr.